For a night of great music and a party! 

Mitch Creasey


Vox, motivator and straight man

He sings the songs that make the young girls cry! And he can sing anything along with some sweet acoustic rhythm.

Roland "Rols" Link


Guitars, harmony and balance


Occasionally filling in on guitar the past few years with GTA legends "Replica" Rols wanted a band to call his own. He and Mitch formed FGB out of an acoustic pairing and brought it to life with the addition of Joey and Scotty.  

Joey DePaiva


Joey the kid, don't let the baby face fool you. His ear for melody and arrangement make us all better, not to mention his incredible bass playing. He holds that fat bottom all night and sings some sweet back up. He's and old soul and actually splits his time with us and a Johnny Cash tribute band "Ring of Fire". AS wall as many other session and production activities.



Scott Dawson


Pop Pop! the grumpy old man and the engine of FGB. Grew up playing in 80's cover bands and is only missing the hair today but still has all the flair and symbols! 

He takes us up a level each night with his power and humor "more cowbell!"